Benefits of publishing with eLibM

Using the OJS system within eLibM

  • Quick and easy implementation of a blind peer review system into your publishing workflow
  • Managing LaTex document processing
  • Developments and solutions for your research data
  • Customizing the software according your needs
  • Integrated access to zbMATH will make it easy to refer to similar publications or to identify previously published articles by the same author together with a zbMATH review, to show former co-authorships, and much more.
  • Scalable support for all participants in your publishing process
  • Additional services provided by FIZ staff support you to in enhancing resources and complementing your know-how
  • Long-term access and preservation
  • Advice and supporting information on issues like open access publishing, licenses, archiving, long-term storage, metadata standards, and more ...
  • Easy access to and participation in software updates, new versions and future developments

Integration of all publications into the new eLibM presentation platform

  • Enhanced visibility of your journal due to presentation in a broader mathematical infrastructure together with a range of other international mathematical OA journals of high quality
  • All journals commonly accessible and searchable through the same interface
  • Cross-linking  with a broad network of mathematical research publishing (EuDML, zbMATH, MathSciNet, GoogleScholar, arXiv, ..)
  • Benefit from all features that will be developed within the project like:

- Enhanced formula search and display
- Enhanced metadata search
- Statistics
- Alerts
- Export of references
- Export of article metadata


This all with

  • Expertise and know-how from a single source
  • Developments and customizations especially tailored to the requirements of mathematical OA publications
  • Qualified, experienced staff, professional management, and sustainable systems
  • Reasonable, not-for-profit prices with fixed fees for basic hosting/support and individual arrangements for specifically tailored support